We embrace a novel approach to Dental Marketing

Real results you can measure, expert SEO & PPC services, advanced tracking & reporting including ROI



Each dental practice is different. A marketing strategy for a dentist starting a brand new practice will be considerably different than one for an established practice. Based on your objectives the selection of services, marketing channels, and methods is an important step that will significantly impact your ROI. Creating a strategy to effectively grow your business requires research and planning and we will work with you to identify your goals – be it patient acquisition, client retention, targeting for specific services, positioning for new services, or improving conversion with web design. During this phase you will provide all the necessary information that will allow us to create an effective strategy that we will execute, track, and analyze with clear reporting and data you can measure.


Executing an effective dental marketing strategy requires that all its aspects work in harmony. Our preparation phase is designed to do just that. During the preparation phase we make all appropriate adjustments and changes to your web site which are essential for relevant long and short term traffic growth. These adjustments include installation of our tracking systems, setting up of analytics, developing contact forms, etc. During this phase we also evaluate your site content and make appropriate editing to make it SEO friendly.

Advertising, Tracking, and Analysis

Through research and planning, we determine what services and marketing channels are ideal in order to meet your goals. We then implement our strategy and monitor the results using our tracking technologies. This allows us to analyze the performance of our marketing efforts and identify what services and channels are producing the best return on your investment. We able to effectively isolate each of your marketing campaigns and show you ROI and patient acquisition numbers per campaign. You will finally have the opportunity to see a clear picture of how your marketing dollars are spent and the effect each type of marketing has on your business.


Our monthly reporting is simple, comprehensive and to the point. Unlike other companies, we are not giving you pages of rhetorically positioned data: we provide you with actual numbers including patients that were brought to your office through our online marketing efforts. We compare this data against your new patient database and provide you with the most important number of all – your ROI.