Get the real ROI for your marketing investments

Make informed decisions based on facts and not "feelings"


Concise reporting worthy of your business acumen

When you become our client you will have real-time access to analytics and reporting information via our modern dashboard (you can even monitor your marketing campaigns via your iPad).

We employ various tracking technologies that allow us to track leads to your practice and effectively identify what sources generated those leads. Furthermore, we go even deeper and help you calculate the amount of verifiable patients each source generated allowing for reporting that truly puts you in control of your business marketing strategy.

  • Tracking

    Our tracking systems are designed to track the flow of leads to your practice down to the patient acquisition level. This allows us to provide reporting that shows you exactly where your patients originate, be it telephone, email, or direct mail. This gives you a clear understanding of what marketing efforts are working and isolate or reconsider those that need improvement. This information will guide your marketing efforts and allow you to invest in marketing you absolutely know brings you the return on your investment.

  • Dashboard

    Monitor the activity generated via your marketing efforts from any computer or iPad connected to the internet. We value your input and consider suggestions for new features from our clients.

Available reports:

  • ROI Report
  • Patient Acquisition Report
  • Marketing Budget Report
  • Web Site Statistics
  • Telephone Tracking Report
  • Email Tracking Report
  • Direct Marketing Tracking Report

In addition to the above, we are able to customize reporting based on your needs and interests. Give us a call and we will gladly provide more details.

Our tracking systems include:

  • Analytics: Tracking and monitoring visitors to your web site
  • Telephone: Tracking the sources of Pay-Per-Click, direct mail, and television sources
  • Email: We actually provide the source with each email submission. You will know if that lead came via a Pay-Per-Click (PPC campaign) or Organic Search (SEO campaign). Additionally, if the lead originated via Organic Search, we include the actual search they used to find your web site thus providing your staff with additional information about the intentions of the potential client.