Acquire new patients quickly with professional PPC solutions

A reliable method to acquiring new patients with great targeting options.


PPC / Pay Per Click Advertising

  • PPC Service Details

    We understand the patterns, platforms, and search behavior that is crucial to successful Pay Per Click advertising and apply this knowledge to create campaigns that will bring patients to your practice and increase your profit. Using our tracking technology, we effectively monitor where your leads originate, how they respond, and when they convert to patients. We analyze this data and provide you with clear, transparent reports (including patient acquisition and ROI across marketing channels) that make us a leader in the online marketing industry.

Primary Marketing Channels

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing / MSN

Supplemental Channels

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Premium Online Publications such as CNN, New York Times, LA Times


  • Text Advertising
  • Image Advertising
  • Video Advertising (soon)

Our managed PPC campaign service includes:

Your Own Marketing Specialist
Professional service by really smart people

A senior marketing specialist will work with you to understand your particular goals and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that is customized to your specific practice.

Refined Methodology
Results you can measure

We believe that successful business stems from decisions based on facts and numbers. Not many marketing companies are able to provide our level of expertise, transparency, tracking technology, and reporting. We don't have long-term contracts for a reason.

Competitor Research
Stay ahead of the pack

We study who your competitors are and how well they are positioned in your market. This helps us to determine the type of strategy we utilize for your campaign.

Keywords & Phrases
How many ways can one find a dentist?

Based on your goals and services, we select a comprehensive list of keyword phrases that will be used to display your ads to people searching for your services.

Marketing Strategy
Channels, Mediums, Budget

We select the channels and mediums that will be most effective in meeting your marketing objectives. We are transparent with all marketing costs and we help each client determine an appropriate keyword budget for their area and campaign goals.

Conversion Enhancements
Streamlined to your front desk

For a PPC campaign to be effective, there needs to be a clear path for converting a lead to a patient. We evaluate the various areas that are involved with conversions such as receptionist response effectiveness, web site content, just to name a few, and provide recommendations and web site updates to improve your conversion rate.

Pro-Active Management
Stay ahead of your competitors

When it comes to PPC, keeping track of and reacting to the campaign changes your competitors make can translate into significant performance improvements and lower cost per click. We use various methods and technologies to keep track and react quickly when changes are required. This translates into improved ROI.

We do the math, you make the decisions

We accumulate a lot of data and each month, we analyze it and make any necessary adjustments to your campaigns. We also calculate and prepare the data to be used in your reports.

  • ROI Report
  • Patient acquisition report
  • Marketing budget report
  • Web site statistics
  • Telephone tracking report
  • Email tracking report
  • Direct Marketing tracking report

PPC Pricing & Packages:

We have three packages available for our managed PPC service. Please visit our Pricing & Packages page for more information.

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